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Today, someone reminded me that it is “National Photo Day”. A day set aside to celebrate the passion of photography. To someone who takes pictures for a living, being reminded about a day that celebrates the photography may be a bit ironic. Sometimes we do not think of media that we use to capture those moments in time.

To a photographer, photographs are important. We use photos for so many different things, for capturing the family portrait, for capturing and reliving the amazing sunset you just saw, for capturing and documenting the concert for band’s fans or capturing a picture of the part we need…so we don’t have to try to describe it to the guy at the hardware store (guilty as charged). Taking photos is about capturing the moment that lasts a life time. To be able to freeze that moment for a life time, so later down the road you can reflect on the good times you had and the great times that are on their way. (Except for the section of taking a picture of the part so you can show the hardware guy what it looks like.)

That is why I got into photography, to have that ability to be a part of that special moment. I love to take those images of grandparent interacting with the grandkids to capturing the reaction or the crowd when the band plays their first note on stage. When those moments are gone, it is gone forever and you can never bring them back but with photographs, you can relive them over and over again. So the next time you take a picture, think of how important that images is for you now and in the future.