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On April 9, 2017, I was able to photograph one of my favorite up and coming bands. They are called Shallow Side and they are from Alabama. I believe you can describe them as South Rock. But if you go to their Facebook page, the category or genre they are in is “Rock, Alternative Rock, Active Rock and Hard rock”. Whatever you want to call them, the music that they play is good. The band is made up of four good friends; they are Eric Boatright (Vocals), Cody Hampton (Bass/Guitar), Seth Trimble (Guitar/Keyboard) and Heath Fields (Drums)

The concert was great to watch. You could not tell that the lead singer was under the weather as he sung some of Shallow Sides originals until he said something later in the set. The atmosphere of the venue was like a fun party that you did not want to end. Between the music and playing, you could not go wrong. If you get a moment, you may want to check these guys out on their tour.

Below are some of the images that were taken of the band.