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In every family, there is at least one photographer. In my family, that person was my grandmother. She was the photographer, at every family event, insisting on taking pictures of everyone. She documented everyday moments of our lives— Christmas mornings, birthdays and family dinners.

When my grandmother purchased a new camera, she gave me her old Kodak. It used the old style 110 film cartridge and had a giant cube flash. It was clunky, but I loved the feel and the sound it made every time I took a picture. That camera sparked my love of photography. I could explore and capture amazing and everyday moments in my neighborhood— an observant fly on the wall…

That’s the style of photography that I love best today too. The fly-on-the-wall or documentary technique allows me to watch carefully as real life unfolds— unobtrusively getting the best shots, and getting out of the way. To me, the perfect photo could reveal a moment that no one noticed at the time: one that captures the essence and truth of the situation beautifully. It might be a look between a grandparent and their grandchild, or the moment a musician lets loose into a powerful solo.

I’m dedicated to these kinds of moments. The ones people will cherish.

Scott Whiteman